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Vien is a Filipina travel blogger whose greatest dream is to travel the world, but before that, she wanted to explore her beloved country first. It never dawn to her that she’s gonna love travelling, the realization came in when her co-workers started planning their team building to different provinces.

She didn’t like the long bus ride before, but eventually she embraces the solitude of taking a long trip. She had her first adVIENture last October 2015 in Cebu, where she had a 7-hour bus ride in a non-air-conditioned bus going to Maya Port to take a pumped boat to Malapascua Island, she hated the bus ride but it was an experience to remember.

After that, she’s been to Boracay Island, Surigao del Sur and El Nido.  She’s still checking off her Philippines’ bucketlist and hoping to take her first international trip soon.

Simple facts about her:
  • She loves to read novels that has a strong female protagonist.
  • She likes to eat anything with pasta and pizza.
  • She’s a feminist but still believes in chivalry.
  • She’s trying to live a minimalist life.
  • She prefers comfortability than fashion.
  • She thinks that she’s an old soul.
  • She’s an extroverted introvert or ambivert.
  • She wanted to learn how to drive a motorcycle and a car.
  • She’s planning to learn free-diving and scuba diving in the near future.
  • And her favorite colours are NAVY BLUE, GREY, BLACK and RED VIOLET.

This blog is her online travel diary where she shares the adventures she had and writes travel guides for travelers especially those who want to experience their own solo adventures.

She hopes that you’ll continue to follow her adVIENtures and support her to conquer her ultimate dream.

All reviews are objective and independent.

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10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Anonymous who ever you are. You are such a rude person, Vien is just trying to share her experiences of traveling and enjoying life. In fact you don’t have to go back here and cast your useless comments.

    btw i love your blog Vien.

    1. thank you so much Mon!! 😄😄😄😄 Person like you give me energy and motivation to continue writing articles..

  2. Hi Vien,
    Only found out about this Little Santorini in Batangas through your blog. Good to know there’s a cheaper alternative. I miss Santorini and the donkey ride next to the cliff. Now I got an idea where to visit when I go back there to Phils. this year.


    1. Good day Olif,

      Thank you! I’m glad to help you out and hope you’ll visit other parts of Philippines too! Please share your experience once you visit the resort.

      Vien ❤❤❤

    2. Hi Vien,
      Hope you’re having a good day. Wasn’t expecting a reply from you, you must be a real and nice person. I’m a bit of a traveler too and have been to many great and beautiful places. I would like to discover more on the beauty and uniqueness of our country. And of course our local food, I miss them all. Any suggestions you can give to a must visit places.


    3. I like to get in touch with all my readers 🙂

      I’m also just starting to explore Philippines so I don’t know that much.

      There are so many places in our country to visit from Luzon down to Mindanao. You can start somewhere familiar first up to the least explored ones.

  3. Luv your racket. You write about and publish photos of the nice places you visit in the Philippines and at the end of the blog, you have the audacity to ask for donation to fund your trip? Are you effing kidding me?

    1. thank you for liking my blog,

      that donation button though are for those people who are willing and can share some of their blessings and it’s not compulsory

      i’m sorry if i offended you with that button

      have a nice day anyway!

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