Port Barton: A Hidden Paradise in San Vicente, Palawan for Php7K

November 09, 2018

If someone mentioned Port Barton to you before, I guess you would never think that this place is in the Philippines. Well, the name sounds like it’s somewhere out of the country. Right? That aside from Puerto Princesa’s Underground river, El Nido’s Lagoons, Coron’s Shipwrecks and Balabac’s turquoise waters. There lies Port Barton, closer than El Nido but not as famous as Balabac.

Itaytay Beach

Port Barton is a barangay of San Vicente, one of the municipals in Palawan. Its name used to be Itaytay which is still the current name of the main beach. Back in 20th century, the name was changed after an Englishman named Col. Burton who created flagstations on every island they visited.

This place is very laid back, there are only few bars and restaurants. So if you’re looking for an escape to the crowded bustling city of Manila, and prefer a less touristy site then this place is the perfect gateway.

Take a nap on these hammocks at Inaladelan Island.


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How to get there

  • Fly to Puerto Princesa (Travel Time: 1hr | Fare: Php2,300)

The usual entry point to Port Barton is flying to Puerto Princesa International Airport. We had ours via Cebu Pacific. It’s better to choose the earliest flight, as early as 4AM for you to catch the van’s 1st trip going to Port Barton which will take 2-3 hours travel time.

  • Or Fly to San Vicente (Travel Time: 1hr | Fare: Php5,300)

For those in Northern Luzon, there’s a newly launched flight to San Vicente from Clark International Airport which is catered by Philippine Airlines (PAL). It could save you the 2-hour land travel but if you’re coming from Manila, going to Clark might be a hassle. This flight is much recommended for those traveling to El Nido


  • Hire a tricycle to San Jose Terminal (Travel Time: 15mins| Fare: Php120 – 150)

If you still have enough time and on a tight budget, you may hire a tricycle going to San Jose Terminal where you could catch a van to Port Barton for Php120. If not, you may arrange a van pick up at the airport. 

  • Take a van going to Port Barton

If you prefer a faster and more convenient travel than taking the bus. There are two van operators (SBE and Recaro) in San Jose Terminal which leave as early as 6:30AM until 6PM. Fare costs Php500 if you want to be picked up from the airport but if you’ll hire a tricycle going to San Jose Terminal, van fare will only be Php350.

Van Schedule (Puerto Princesa to Port Barton)
0905 485 8597 / 0909 351 3037
0919 445 5021 / 0995 162 9155
7:30AM 6:30AM
9:00AM 9:30AM
11:00AM 11:30AM
1:30PM 1:30PM
2:00PM 4:00PM

Places to Visit

There are four tours (price starts at Php700 with free lunch) that you can choose from, to explore more of Port Barton’s exquisite islands and waterfalls. Booking an island tour is a piece of cake. Just walk along the Itaytay beach and you could spot tour organizers offering tours for the next day. Tours usually starts at 9AM until 4PM. And don’t forget to take your breakfast before taking off so you’ll have a lot of energy to swim.

Don’t forget to buy the Eco-Tourism Card, this serves as your permit to go island hopping.

Island Hopping

(Tour A)

Twin Reef
Inaladelan Island (German Island)
Still at Inaladelan Island, it’s the most instagrammable island in Port Barton
Turtle Sanctuary
Paradise Island
Sea anemone and clown-fish at Fantastic Reef


On our second day, we explored the two popular falls in Port Barton. The Pamuayan Falls (Pawpawyan Falls) and the Bigaho Falls. We rented a motorcycle for Php500, fuel not included. Roads to these falls are not yet paved and this could be a challenge to your driving skills. You may choose to walk going to Pamuayan Falls which will take you 2 hours.

Brace yourselves to this kind of road because 90% of the path is like this.

The first falls that you would reach is the Pamuayan Falls. Once you’ve crossed a river, you’ll see a big nipa hut on your right, where you have to log and register. Trek to the falls is around 15-20 minutes, you may ask for a guide if you want.

Pamuayan Falls

Once done with Pamuayan Falls and if you still have the energy to brave more off road for another hour, you may head straight to Bigaho Falls. Other option to reach Bigaho Falls is through renting a boat (Tour D) from Itaytay Beach, which cost about Php2,500/roundtrip.

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Bigaho Falls

Locals advised us that our motorcycle won’t survive the terrain going to Bigaho Falls. That’s why we already decided to give this up. From Pamuayan Falls, our next stop was supposed to be the White Beach. However, there was a miscommunication, instead of going back and taking left, we went to the right hoping to reach a beach. To our surprise, we unintentionally reached the welcome signage of Bigaho Falls. (Take all the right to every fork or ask locals if you’re still on the right path.)


Where to Stay

For your accommodation, here are my recommendations. As for us, we booked a fan room at Ausan Beach Front Cottages for Php1,160/night with free breakfast. Just add Php300 if you prefer an air-conditioned room.

Ausan Beach Front Cottages
Rizal Street, Port Barton, San Vicente
0926 707 4154

Deep Moon Resorts
Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan
0977 852 1978

Elsa’s Cottage & Restaurant
Purok Pagkakaisa, Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan
0921 286 9619

Forest Wood Suites
Port Barton, San Vicente, Palawan

Visit Agoda.com for more booking options.


Where to Eat

Even though Port Barton is just a small barangay and nightlife isn’t their thing. There are still lots of restaurants and a few bars. These are the restaurants we’ve tried near the beach front, a full-meal will cost you Php500+ good for 2.

  • Native Bo’s

  • Ausan Beach Front Cottages

  • Summer Homes Beach Barn

  • Besaga Beachfront Bed and Breakfast

  • Lunch at Inaladelan Island Resort
Credits to Bahae of Morocco.

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Sample Itinerary

Here’s a sample itinerary that you could use to help you plan your own trip to Port Barton. If you want to explore Long Beach in San Vicente, you may add another day to your itinerary. We haven’t done much since we went there to unwind and relax.

Time Activity
Day 1 Flight to Palawan
8:00 Check in
8:15 Breakfast
9:25 ETD from Manila
10:50 ETA in PPS
Ride a tricycle to San Jose Terminal
11:30 Take a van to Port Barton (Recaro)
Stopover for Snack or Lunch
14:30 Arrival in Port Barton
Pay the Environmental Card
14:45 Book a reservation for the van to PPS (Recaro)
15:00 Check in at Ausan Beach Front Cottages
16:30 Book Island Hopping Tours
18:00 Dinner / Socials at Native Bo Bar
19:00 Prep for tomorrow’s activity
20:30 Sleep
Day 2 Island Hopping
7:00 Wake Up, Prep and Breakfast
9:00 Start of Island Hopping

Tour A

Twin Reef
German Island (Inaladelan Island) – 100
Chasing Turtles
Paradise Island
Fantastic Reef
StarFish Island (Sandbar)

16:45 Back to Main Land
17:30 Freshen Up
19:00 Dinner at Besaga Beacfront Bed and Breakfast
22:30 Back to Hotel / Sleep
Day 3 Chasing Waterfalls
7:00 Wake Up, Prep
8:00 Breakfast
9:15 Rent Motorcycle
9:20 Go to Caltex for fuel
10:35 ETA in Pamuayan Falls
12:00 ETD to Bigaho Falls
13:00 ETA in Bigaho Falls
14:00 ETD going back to resort
16:00 Late Lunch at The Summer Homes Beach Bard
19:30 Back at the hotel / Freshen Up
20:45 Dinner
22:30 Sleep
Day 4 Back to Manila
6:30 Wake Up, Prep & Breakfast
7:30 Check Out at Ausan Beach Front Cottages
8:45 ETD to PPS via van
11:45 ETA in PPS
12:30 Lunch in Balisasayaw Restaurant
13:15 Check in
14:00 ETD from PPS
16:00 ETA in Manila

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Sample Budget

Below is the summary of expenses for our 4D/3N Port Barton adventures, you could still lower your expenses if you don’t splurge on food like us. Food is Life!

Expenses  Amount   Total 
Airfare    2,366.64
Vien’s    1,183.32
Kristian’s    1,183.32
Accommodation       3,520.00
La Casita Inn    1,200.00
Ausan Beach Front Cottages    2,320.00
Transportation       2,450.00
Tricycle to San Jose Terminal       150.00
Van to Port Barton       700.00
Motorcycle Rental       500.00
Fuel       100.00
Van to Puerto Princesa    1,000.00
Food       3,341.00
Breakfast at Naia 3       526.00
Dinner at Native Bo’s       470.00
Breakfast at Ausan Beach Front Cottages       300.00
Dinner at Begasa Beach Bed and Breakfast       530.00
Late Lunch at The Summer Homes Beach Barn       905.00
Dinner at Native Bo’s       610.00
Island Hopping / Tour       1,400.00
Mixed of Tour A and B    1,400.00
Entrance Fee & Guide Fee          370.00
Environmental Card       100.00
Entrance Fee at Inaladelan Island Resort       200.00
Donation at Pamuayan Falls         20.00
Donation at Bigaho Falls         50.00
Other Expenses 373.00
Total Expenses (All-In) Php13,820.64

Although, we missed some of the sites and other islands, we’ve enjoyed the tranquility that Port Barton provides. I hope this helps you explore Port Barton. Safe travels always!


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