Mindoro: Puerto Galera, Beaches and Waterfalls

August 11, 2018

I guess if you have read my other travel guides or blog posts. You’ll notice that some of the places I visited were unconventional. Since I tend to choose hotels and destinations that are not overcrowded. But I don’t hate people, however when I travel I just love being alone with nature or with a few company.

We all know Puerto Galera has been an easy get-away for everyone who wants an escape from Manila. Its white beach and nightlife are some of the reasons why travelers tend to swarm whenever there’s a long weekend. Just like us, who took the risk and was overwhelmed by the number of passengers headed to white beach last April 7-9, 2018.

Here’s a simple travel guide to Puerto Galera and some of the places that you could visit aside from the typical island hopping. Though the reason we weren’t able to go island hopping was the rainy weather.

How to get there

  • Take a bus going to Batangas Port (Travel Time: 2-3 hours | Fare Php180)

If you’re coming from the south, the bus terminal going to Batangas port are in Buendia or Gil Puyat such as Jam Liner, DLTB, or JacLiner. But if you’re from the north area, bus terminals are in Cubao. Buses’ schedules are as early as 12 am and leaves every hour depending on the availability of buses or the traffic.

  • Take a boat going to Puerto Galera (White Beach)

Upon arrival at Batangas Pier, proceed to Terminal 3 (it’s on the left side facing the sea) where you could buy your ticket for Php 250/per way plus the environmental fee of Php30. Tip: Purchase a round trip ticket that’s around Php 500 to assure your slot for your return to Batangas Pier. 

Don’t do what we did, who thought getting a return ticket would be easy. On our last day around 8AM, we went to buy a return ticket but everything was fully booked.  Good thing, a local advised us to check Muelle Port and see if there are still available slot (7.2kms from White Beach). We were lucky that there are still slots for 4:30PM.

  • Going Around 

Once you’re done with island hopping or sunbathing, you may explore some other destinations near Puerto Galera. You may hire a tricycle and haggle for the price or if you know how to drive a scooter, you may rent one for 500/day. Don’t forget to bring your driving license and another valid ID.

Places to Visit

  • Talipanan Falls

  • Mangyan Village


  • Tamaraw Falls
You wont miss this falls and there won’t be any trek going to Tamaraw Falls since it’s beside the highway.
Wallow in their Man-made pool at the bottom of the falls.
  • White Beach

It was raining when we went there and you could see a lot of tourist along the white beach. That’s why we chose to admire it from a far. But we didn’t miss the nightlife, the fire dancers and most especially the Mindoro sling.

The must-try Mindoro Sling.

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  • Aninuan Beach
It’s a little walk to the left from the White Beach which is way less crowded but the sand isn’t as fine as the White Beach’s
A private residence and property in Aninuan Beach.
  • Talipanan Beach
Talipanan Beach is closer to Aninuan Beach although we walked along the highway to get here.

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  • Sand Bar Beach

Island Hopping

Where to Stay

Since I was avoiding the crowd, I opted for a place that’s far from the White Beach. The hotel’s name is Casa Mia Resort. The day we went there, it was newly bought by a Korean guy and had a overbooking issue via Agoda. It seems that all the rooms were all booked but Booking.com and Agoda were still accepting bookings.

He had handled it well anyway, some of the guest were transferred to nearby transients while others went to Tamaraw Hotel. We were supposed to be in a transient but the owner let us used his extra room. And then, the next day they transferred us to the usual room. I guess the new hotel owner get a hold of everything that’s why I’m still recommending this one especially for those who want an escape from the night life in White Beach. We got our room at Php 2,898.40 via Agoda for 3D/2N stay.

Casa Mia Resort
Barangay Aninuan, Nautical Hwy, Aninuan, Puerto Galera

VM Beach Resort
White Beach, Puerto Galera

Coco Aroma Restobar & Cottages
White Beach, Puerto Galera

Sunny Beach Resort
Brgy. Talipanan, Aninuan, Puerto Galera

Where to Eat

Finding a place to in Puerto Galera is a piece of cake and there are all line up near the White Beach but if you’re on your way to Tamaraw Falls, don’t miss this pizza place owned by Italian-Filipina couple since 1994.

  • Arcobaleno Pizzeria

Sample Itinerary

Date Time Activity
Day 1 Going to Puerto Galera
5:00 ETD from Jam Bus Terminal (Buendia)
8:00 ETA in Batangas Port
9:00 ETD to Puerto Galera
10:45 ETA in White Beach, Puerto Galera
11:00 Early Check in if possible
12:00 Lunch
13:00 ETD to Tamaraw Falls
14:30 ETA in Tamaraw Falls
15:00 Swim at the Man-mad pool near Tamaraw Falls
15:30 ETD to Hotel
17:00 Free Time / Explore White Beach/ Social
Day 2 Beach and Waterfalls Hopping
7:30 Wake Up / Breakfast
8:30 Start of Island Hopping
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Talipanan Falls
14:00 Talipanan Beach
14:30 Aninuan Beach
15:00 Free Time
Day 3 Going Home
8:00 Wake Up / Breakfast
9:00 Pack Up
9:30 Check Out
10:00 ETD to Batangas Port
11:00 ETA in Batangas Port
11:30 ETD to Manila

Sample Expenses

Since the weather wasn’t good when we went to Puerto Galera, we haven’t gone to any Island Hopping which cost around Php800+ per person. Just add it up to your budget especially if you’re going to avail the Fly Fish, Banana Boat, Parasailing and other water activties.

Hotel Accommodation    1,449.42
Bus Fare       334.00
Boat Fare       550.00
Terminal Fee          60.00
Food    1,034.50
Motor Rent & Fuel       310.00
Other Transportation expenses       340.00
Total     4,077.92

I hope this helps you plan your Puerto Galera trip. Safe travels.