Conquered Mt. Marami via Talipusngo Trail – Ramirez Trail (405+) | Cavite

March 14, 2017

Though the summit wasn’t that high, reaching it would take a lot of walking. They also said that the mountain’s name suits its terrain because in Tagalog, Marami means Many. Mt. Marami has been on favorite list because the hike was relaxing even though it’s long. The ground has less rocks that made other hikes difficult to navigate. And most importantly, because we were blessed to have a pleasant weather last February 11, 2017.

Maragondon, Cavite
Jump-off point: Brgy. Ramirez, Magallanes, Cavite
Alternate jumpoff: Brgy.Talipusngo, Maragondon, Cavite
Days required / Hours to summit: 1-2 days / 4-6 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Rocky outcrops, scenic views of Cavite

Credits: Pinoy Mountaineer

The Hike
We registered at Magallanes Municapal Hall.
Our jump-off point.

Instead of Brgy. Ramirez, the usual jump-off point, our organizer took us to Brgy. Talisungo. As per our tour guide, this trail is the easiest since there are less steep path.

The Gang!

I joined the group hike organized by Campers and Backpackers (CAB), a non-profit group / organizer, they’re using the money they earned to host outreach programs. The event fee for our Mt. Marami hike only costs Php 550/person.


  • Private Van Transfer (MNL-Cavite-MNL)
  • Guide fee (100/person)
  • Toll fee
  • Driver’s meal
The ground was almost paved because there are tractors and truck that operating at the foot of the mountain.

We started our hike around 6:30 am and, as far as I can remember, there were only 5 groups who hiked that day since most of the hikers/travelers were in Clark, Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon Festival and we were so glad about it.

Start of the grassland trail.
Take a left.
What to Wear:
  • Dri-Fit Shirts or Long Sleeves
  • Leggings / Jogging pants / Compression Pants
  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Trekking Shoes or Sandals
With this kind of trail, don’t forget to put some sun screen.
Buko Juice Break
Leisurely having a nice dip in his pool.
Take 5
Do you see that peak? That’s where we’re heading.
What to Bring:
  • 2-3L Water
  • Poncho
  • Trail Food
  • Packed Lunch
  • Sunscreen
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It’s kind of inspiring if you see your destination. No questions like “Are we there yet?”
Conquered Mt. Marami!
I’m just sitting pretty here.
The reason why I like Mt. Marami even more is because there are lots of cliffs where you could take awesome photos.

Just like this one.
And this.
Especially this, one misstep and you’re good to go.
Oh! You should try this too. It’s nerve-wracking!

0300 – Meet up
0330 – ETD to Brgy. Ramirez, Magallanes, Cavite
0600 – Arrive at Jump off point , Brgy Ramirez
0630 –  Start Trek
1100 – Assault to summit
0000 – Silyang bato
1300 – Lunch
1400 – Start descend
1700 – ETD to Manila

We tried to fit ourselves on this rock.
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Do you see that? That’s where we took our lunch.

How to Get There
  • From Coastal Mall, take a bus going to Naic, Cavite. (Php 60+ | 2 hours)
  • Proceed to Naic Terminal Station and take a jeep going to Magallanes, Cavite. (Php 35+ | 30 minutes )
  • From Magallanes Police Station, hire a tricycle going to Brgy. Ramirez. You may also go to Brgy. Talipusngo, the one that we used.
Going down was slippery because of the dry bamboo leaves.

Going down was slow and easy since our driver informed us that he went somewhere and he would probably arrive around 5PM. We expected to finish the hike around 3PM and since we don’t want to wait for 2 hours. The group decided to take a longer route to maximize our time. We took and experienced the three trails of Mt. Marami which are the Talipusngo trail, Tambuluan trail and Ramirez trail.

This was the house where we refilled our water bottles.
Another break where they enjoyed the cassava cake for Php 10.
Finish Line!

I really enjoyed my hike and it became more memorable because I had shared it with these people. I hope I could hike with them again.

  • Jay-Ar Rojales – 09752205290 (Guide)

Our last stop was Brgy. Ramirez where we took a shower and get to know more each other by adding them on social medias. New found friends at the end of the day!

We did really had fun and enjoyed each other’s company, ain’t we?

I bet you can guess why Mt. Marami is one of my favorite hikes. Yup! Because of the nice weather, scenic views, easy trail, good company and loads of photos at the summit. I would recommend this to newbie hiker and for those who wanted to try hiking.

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Till my next hike!