Summer Trip at Riverfront | Batangas

May 11, 2016

Before the month of April starts, I decided that I’m going spend my entire summer in my hometown which is Batangas. I was expecting a full-blown adventure but as I hit the hay, I was either in my room or my grandma’s house complaining how hot the weather is. I love summer but I never like the feeling as if I’m being roasted under the blazing sun.

I already accepted that my summer will be inside an air-conditioned room. I never thought that a mini adventure awaits me.

This may not be in a famous island or in a luxurious resort but I had a lot of fun. I got to experience how countryside kids spend their summer.

This place is near our barangay that’s why my cousins often go there whenever they like.
riverfront 5
It took us 15 minutes to reach the place and it’s still under-renovation.
This place is a private property but outsiders are allowed to swim in the river.
Don’t forget to say Hi! to the caretaker Mr. Yuro Enhente. He’s so nice he even gave us P 200 for our softdrinks.




A low-budget getaway.
riverfront 4
The fun part here is swinging by the tire tied in the tree. 

riverfront 2

Jump at your own risk!


i just can’t get enough 😄 swing with feelings! #miniadVIENture

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The water’s shallow so you should jump at the deeper part to lessen the impact and not to hit the bottom.


That’s my cousin Nemuel.




Kids who lived there visit the place almost everyday.


REMINDER: Swim at your own risk as the water current is fast.

Don’t forget to bring your own food since it’s far from the town proper and some store. You can cook and grilled your food there.


When we eat it’s always a boodle fight.


With cousins and friends.

Here’s how to get there?

  • Take a Bus to Lemery (Fare: P 170 | Travel Time: 2-3 hours)

You may take a Bus going to Lemery, Batangas at Buendia or Cubao. They are available as early as 4AM to 9PM.

  • Take a tricycle to Riverfront (Fare: P 100-150 for one way trip)

From Lemery Bus Station, hire a tricycle going to Riverfront in Brgy. Calangay, San Nicolas, Batangas. Usual rates ranges from P 100-150 per way.

You might want to get the tricycle phone number so you can contact him for the return trip since there are no tricycle waiting near the entrance.


No entrance fees yet and be sure to bring food as the place is far from Town Proper and stores.

Where to Stay

You may bring tent if you want to stay overnight. Just as permission to the caretaker.


  • There’s a hand water pump if you want to wash your plates.
  • There’s a bathroom but we never used since we take a shower at home.

I hope you enjoyed reading my mini adVIENture in my hometown.

Stay safe and have fun traveling!