AdVIENtures in Boracay Island

February 17, 2016

One of the most famous island in the Philippines is Boracay which is a part of Visayas in the province of Aklan. Boracay attracts visitors from other countries because of its white and fine sand.


Of course I won’t missed it, that’s why when I heard about the seat sale on Skyjet Airlines. I booked a flight right away. I got a roundtrip airfare for P 563 from Manila to Caticlan, it was the cheapest airfare I ever booked.


My 8AM flight was reschedule to 2PM due to some operational requirements. It sucks but at least they notified me a week before my flight.

skyjet update

Notification about the flight changes.

This is my 3rd solo travel and since this is Boracay I didn’t make any itinerary. I wanted to just go with the flow.


Yours truly at the Caticlan Aiporrt

I arrived at Caticlan Airport around 3PM, took a tricyle to Jetty Port for P25 since I shared the ride with my seatmate on the plane.

After 10 mins, we arrived at the port. You have to pay for the Terminal Fee, Ferry Fare and Environmental Fee at each ticket booth. You may try the new Boracay Pass for a roundtrip fare for P 335. Same price, just an additional P 10 for the administration fee. It’s worth it plus you’ll have the card as a souvenir.

boracay pass

We reached Boracay Island at 4PM and rode another tricycle going to our respective hotel for P 25. I booked at Yegrina Resort‘s mixed dorm for P 1149 for 2 nights through Agoda. The room has a 3-twin bed with bathroom, hot shower and lockers. I shared the room with a Korean girl.

yegrina resort

After unpacking, I walked to the beach which is just a 3-minute walk. I know Boracay is famous but I never expected the crowd I saw and how commercialized it was. If I were to describe how Boracay look like, I’ll say it’s like Roxas Boulevard with a nice white sand, blue water and people in a swimsuit. It’s a place for friends to party.


I enjoyed the beautiful sunset while dipping in the clear water. I met two lovely ladies and had a chitchat with.

I was lucky to have a friend who works in Boracay. He and his girlfriend were my tour guide as I explore Boracay at night. I spent my first night walking at the beach, watching cultural dances and fire dance.


Sand Art


As for my every 3-day trip, 2nd day was always the most exciting one since I got to do a lot of activities for the entire day. I woke up at 6AM, walked at the beach and took some photos.


White Beach

My friend helped me book an island hopping tour for P 800 at Station 3. The sites to visit are Crocodile Island, Magic Island, Crystal Cove and Puka Beach.


Crocodile Island from a far. 

However, the waves were strong at that time so we never got the chance to visit Crocodile Island while the tide was too low to dock at Magic Island. I missed to do the cliff jumping. We went to Coral Garden instead.


Yours truly at the Coral Garden.

Those who are going to snorkel must pay a Snorkeling Fee of P 20. Someone will collect it at the sea.


I saw lots of fishes but I don’t have an underwater camera to capture them.


Then, we sailed to Crystal Cove, there’s a P 200 entrance fee if you want to explore the coves. We opted to just lay in the beach while we waited for those we went inside.


For lunch we went to another island and since the tide is low we docked at the other side and rode in a multi-cab to go to the lunch area.

It was a buffet lunch and I ate rice, shrimp, grilled fish and some fruits for dessert. We also met Paul and Beth who are also in our boat.

new friends in boracay
Photo Credits to Charles.

After lunch, we sailed to our last stop the Puka Beach. The sand is not as fine as the white beach but it was beautiful and breath-taking too.


swimming at Puka Beach
Photo Credits to Kuya Reglin.
Yours truly, Valerie, Charles, Paul, Beth and ate Glerilyn. 

When the tour was over, Valerie and I spent an hour swimming at the white beach. I had an hour of full-body massage for P 350 after.


Full-Body Massage for P 350.

In the evening, we had our dinner at Smoked Resto. We went back to the beach to drink and get to know each other. We also met the 3 Danish roommates of Paul and Beth. It was a great night and I hope we’ll see each other again.


Yours truly, Charles, Paul, Rasmus, Tobias, Asker,Beth and Valerie. 


On my 3rd and last day, I went to D’mall after breakfast to buy souvenir shirts and wandered around.


Souvenir items

I checked out at 11AM and walked by the beach to meet up with Valerie and Charles for lunch. We ate at Bonchon near the Lime Hotel where they stayed.

We headed to the Port after lunch via tricycle for P 20 each. Once at the port I went to the Boracay Pass booth. The person-in-charge scanned the card to check if it’s not yet used and gave me the tickets. It was indeed a hassle-free one.


It didn’t take much time to fill up the boat and after 30 minutes we were back at Caticlan Jetty Port.


Since it was a Sunday, lots of people were going back to Manila and Cebu. The airport was jam-packed and some our sitting by the stairs while waiting for their flight.

My flight was around 3PM and it was delayed for 10 minutes since the earlier flights were delayed too.

After more than 30 minutes I was finally back to Manila, back to the ordinary and usual life. My trip just felt surreal.

Here’s my expenses in Boracay and I survived the P 5,000 budget for a solo backpacker.

Breakdown of Expenses

P  563
P  700
P  1,149
P  924
Tours and Rentals
P  878
P  170
Total Expenses
P  4,384

I hope you like my solo adventures in Boracay. I’ll definitely come back with my college friends and do the activities I missed.

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