Boracay Island Travel Guide | How to Get There, Itinerary & Budget

February 16, 2016

Boracay has been the most visited island in the Philippines because of the its fine and white sand. No one has ever visited Philippines without taking a peek at Boracay Island whether it’s peak season or lean season. For those who want to check out Boracay here’s an article to help you plan your trip.


Calm morning


boracay 01

Grotto at Station 1



Station 3
The White Beach’s view from the boat.


Parasailing from a far.


Puka Beach


D’mall at Station 2




Here’s how to get there?

  • Fly to Kalibo or Caticlan Airport (Fare: P 1000-5000+ | Travel Time: 30 minutes)

You may choose to fly via Kalibo or Caticlan Airport. Kalibo Airport has the cheaper rates but it’s 2-hour-bus-ride farther. While Caticlan Airport is nearer to Boracay Island, rates are kinda expensive. You’re lucky if you score a cheap one from a seat sale. Choose wisely.


I got the Skyjet the rountrip airfare for P 563.
  • Travel to Caticlan Port 

Upon arrival, the next thing you have to do is to travel to Caticlan Jetty port to catch the boat going to Boracay Island.

From Kalibo Airport (Fare: P 200-300 | Travel Time: 2 hour) 

You have to take a van or a bus that will take 2 hours ride for P 200-300. The bus will drop you directly at Caticlan Port.

From Caticlan Airport (Fare: P 50 | Travel Time: 15 minutes)

Take a tricycle going to Caticlan Port for P 50. Travel time is around 10 minutes. If you’re not in a hurry and want to explore Malay, Aklan then you may walk and just ask for directions.

  • Take a boat to Boracay Island (Round trip Fare: P 335 | Travel Time: 15 minutes)

boat ride

Once at the port, go to the ticket booth outside the building next to the entrance. Pay for the following:

Ferry Fare: P25
Environmental Fee: P75
Terminal Fee: P100

Once you got the ticket, you have to register on the logbook at the reception area. This way is they can monitor the number of tourists visiting Boracay. Then, proceed to the Passenger Waiting Area and wait for the boarding announcement.

Every boat takes 40 passengers and the boat ride will take 15-20 minutes.

If you want a less-hassle trip going back then buy the roundtrip Boracay Pass worth P 335. You can buy it near the ticket booth.  For the return ticket, just show the card to the officer-in-charge.

boracay pass

Boracay Pass Card
  • Take a tricycle to your Hotel (Fare: P 25| Travel Time: 15 minutes)

Once at the port, get in a tricycle and tell the driver the name of the resort or the landmark near it. It will take 10-15 minutes ride for P 25 person for non-special trip while P 100 for a special trip.

Where to Stay

You’ll have a lot of hotels to choose from between the 3 Stations in Boracay.

Station 1 is the least crowded since hotels there are quite expensive.

Station 2 is a fair one and it’s nearer to the D’mall where souvenirs shop and cheap restaurants are located.

Station 3 is the most crowded and a lot of boats are dock near the beach for island hopping.

yegrina resort

I stayed at Yegrina Resort through Agoda, it’s less hassle plus you also have the option to pay later and free cancellation too.

Where to Eat

Choosing a place where to eat will never be a problem since restaurants and eatery are all lined-up. You may choose a buffet one for P 400+ or check out eateries inside D’mall. If you are in group you may try the large lobster.

You may also see fast-food restaurants in Boracay so you won’t miss the city food if you’re craving for one.

Don’t forget to order a bottle of beer to enjoy the meal and for starters.

Things to do

If you get tired of hanging out at the beach then try some of these activities. You’ll surely gain new friends at the end of the day.


Paddle board for rent


Island hopping for P 800




Explore Crystal Cove


Cliff jump at Magic Island
Photo Credits: Reglin Myrrh Lira Ayson
Photo Credits: Reglin Myrrh Lira Ayson
Helmet Diving

For water sports and activities you may avail it at Station 1 near Astoria while Island hopping tours are at Station 3.



Island Hopping

P 800 / 10am-4pm
Scuba Diving

P 3500 / intro dive


P 2000-2500 / 15 mins
Paraw Sailing

P 1000 / 30 minutes

Paddle boarding

P 400-600 / 30 minutes
Fly Fish

P 1800 / 15 minutes

Banana Boat

P 1250 / 15 minutes good for 5
Helmet Diving

P 700 / 15 minutes

Cliff Diving at Magic Island

P 150 / unlimited jumps
Beach Massage

P 350 / 1 hour


P 750 / 30 minutes

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. 


  • Book a morning trip to Boracay and an afternoon or evening trip to Manila.
  • If you booked your flight in Kalibo Airport allow a 3-hour time frame going back to Kalibo from Boracay Island.
  • For island hopping and activities, never ever give a down-payment. Pay as tour happens or after the activity is done.
  • Bring a waterproof bag or cell phone case.
  • As for the budget, a couple or a group of 3 can survive with a budget of P 6000-8000 per person for a 3-day vacation. You can do an island hopping, parasailing and another water activity of your choice.

If you have other tips and suggestions, feel free to write it in the comment section.

Have fun traveling!

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