A Paradise in Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide | How to Get There, Itinerary & Budget

November 13, 2015

Philippines has a lot of islands to choose from and every island has its own beauty to show off. I got a chance to visit one of those paradise in Visayas.

Its name is Kalanggaman Island, which is part of Palompon, Leyte, Philippines. It is famous for its long sandbar, blue-green water and the not so crowded beach. If you like the pictures I bet you’ll fall in love when you see it with your own eyes.

kalanggaman island

It’s a 1 ½ hour boat ride to Kalanggaman Island.

kalanggaman 0002

Almost there!

kalanggaman 0004

We went to the other side of Kalanggaman island.

kalanggaman 0005

Postcard view

kalanggaman 00006

If you’re lucky you can see dolphins along the way.

kalanggaman 0008


kalanggaman 00010

Your’s truly playing at the beach.

kalanggaman sand bar

It’s already high tide when we arrived.

kalanggaman 00016

kalanggaman 00014

The side of the island that has a lot of rocks.

rocky side of kalanggaman

kalanggaman 00013

Cute little coconut trees.

kalanggaman 00017

There are restrooms for campers.

kalanggaman 00018

Be careful not to go too far from the island.

kalanggaman 00019

You can only take pictures at the sandbar.

kalanggaman 00021

Yours truly

This tour was not included in my itinerary since the rent for the boat is expensive. I was lucky to met a couple and shared the rent for the boat. Yey!

kalanggaman island buddies

Jen and John, my new-found friends from U.S.

Here’s how to get there

  • From Malapascua Island, you can hire a boat for P 3,500. Boat ride takes around 2 hours to the island. There’s an entrance fee of P 250 for locals while P 500 for foreigners, read the travel guide to Malapascua Island here.

Boat going to Kalanggaman Island

Other route to Palompon, Leyte:

  • From Cebu City, take a taxi going to Pier 3. You can either take Super Cat or Weesam Express to Ormoc City for P 600 that takes 2 hours. Then take the van going to Palompon for P 150. There’s also a ship going directly to Palompon for P495 which will take around 4 hours.
  • From Tacloban City, take the van going to Palompon, Leyte that will take around 3-4 hours for P 150-200.

Once in Palompon, go to Palompon Eco-tourism near the Municipal Office and pay the fees.

Don’t forget to call the Eco-Tourism Office before planning to go to Kalanggaman Island.
(053) 338-2094, 0917-3037-269, 0917-3037-267

Regular Rate Day Tour:

International Tourist – P 500
Palompon Residents – P 60
Non-Palompon Tourist – P 150
Non-Palompon College Student – P 40
Non-Palompon High School Student – P 30
Non-Palompon Elem. Pupil – P 20
Non-Palompon Senior Citizen – P120

  • There are boats going to Kalanggaman Island that you can hire for P 3,000 good for 15 pax. Boat ride takes about an hour depending on the sea condition.

Where to Stay

There are no resorts in the island and you can only stay at the island until 2:30 PM for day tour. I stayed at Thresher Cove Resort for 2 nights in their mixed dorm for only P 596.

Overnight camping is allowed for a higher fee so don’t forget to bring your tents and sleeping bags.

Overnight Rate:

International Tourist – P 750
Non-Palompon Tourist – P 225
Non-Palompon College Student – P 60
Non-Palompon High School Student – P 45
Non-Palompon Elem. Pupil – P 30
Non-Palompon Senior Citizen – P 180

Things to do

  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Diving
  • Paddle boarding



Sample Itinerary

We departed at 8:45 AM and it was a long boat ride, but you will enjoy seeing flying fish along the way. Some are lucky to see dolphins.

We arrived at 10:30 AM and the beauty of the island left us in awe even from afar. There were few visitors since it was a weekday.

Kalanggaman Island Tour


Wake Up / Morning  Swimming




ETD to Kalanggaman Island


ETA in Kalanggaman Island




ETD to Malapascua Island

(Expect strong winds and waves against the boat)


ETA in Malapascua Island


Shower, Dinner and Social




The Thresher Cove Resort arranged the trip for us and we used the cottage for free.

Breakdown of Expenses

Rent for the Boat

P 1167 (3500/3)

Entrance Fee

P 250

Snorkeling Gears and Fins

P 150

Packed Lunch

P 140

Bottled Water

P 40

Total Expenses:

P 1,747


  • Best time will always be weekdays or off peak season.
  • Bring bottled water and a lots of food for overnight camping.
  • Go there as early as possible.

I hope this article help you plan your trip. Have fun on your Kalanggaman island trip!

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