Surfing and Exploring in Baler

September 22, 2015

Ever since I started my travelling escapades, I always wanted to go to Baler.

I want to try all the things that you can do in Baler that starts with the letter S.

Sun Bathing.

And lastly the most exciting one is S-U-R-F-I-N-G.

baler beach

The blue-green water in Sabang Beach.

Baler has great waves that’s ideal for surfing here in Luzon.

It’s part of Aurora Province and it will take you around 4 hours drive (or 5-6 hours bus ride).

This is a company trip again. Thanks to my bosses who always planned our outings to great places.

This was last August 2, 2015. I know it was a bit late for summer but it was sunny anyway. We left Taguig City at 11PM last August 1 and arrived around 7AM the next day. The usual road was closed and our driver got lost in some highway. It took him some time to figure out the right way.

Baler is kind of secluded because you’ll pass through cliffs and narrow roads that will make you stop breathing for a second.

Though we got a little lost, I can say our driver was an expert because on our way back to Manila the engine stopped and our bus was in a slope so it moved backwards for almost a minute but he was able to control the bus and we’re all safe. Everyone was silently panicking and it was a heart-pounding situation since we were also in a middle of a cliff.

Well I didn’t experience that panic because I was too exhausted and was asleep as soon as I was on my seat. Still, THANK GOD for the safe trip.

Going back, let me continue to the fun part of the trip. Let’s imagine the view, the sea and the places.

Ready for the tour

On our way for our City Tour and breakfast.
Here are the places and the things that you can do in Baler:


I bet everyone took a photo here.


My second family at work. We work hard and travel farther. Find me!

Baler Sign

Of course I have to pose something weird.

breakfast in the carinderia

We had our breakfast in the carinderia near Baler Museum.

baler museum

Baler Museum

arts 0001

What you’ll see inside the Museum


Paintings that describe Baler’s history.

Former President Manuel L. Quezon

Statue of Pres. Manuel L. Quezon

Baler Church

Baler Church on a Sunday Mass
Doña Aurora’s House near the church.
Inside of Doña Aurora’s House

living room

Living Room


Dining Area


My favorite place in the house is the library.


Bahay Kubo or Nipa Hut is the traditional house of the Filipinos.

baler municipal office

Baler’s Municipal Office

Of course, Baler trip is not complete without going to the beach and try surfing.

My colleagues rented their surfing board for P200 per hour, no instructor.

Good thing, there were 4 policemen who were enjoying their rest day and taught us the basics.

Riding on the waves

Catching the waves.

By the way, I used the surfboard for free because my colleague got tired and lent me his rented surfboard while he took some photos of us struggling to get the perfect stance.

Photo credits: Chris Paras
(Pictures at the beach)

not good at it

I’m afraid to say that I was not born to be a surfer. It’s too difficult and I always fall. I can’t find the right balance. 

yours truly with a surfboard

I got tired and just posed for a photo that looks badass. 

After the surfing adventure, we decided to check out other places in Baler. We rented 3 tricycles to take us to Diguisit Falls, Rock Formation and Caunayan Falls.

We paid P 150 each and we were 5 in each tricycle for a total of P750. I gave our driver P800 since he is so friendly and he entertained us by giving  information about the place.

Diguisit Falls

Diguisit Falls

It’s a little falls that can only fit 2 to 3 persons.

Diguisit Rock Formation

Rock Formation

Caunayan Falls is at the opposite direction from Diguisit Falls. It took us almost an hour before we reached the place. You’re almost there once you see a rough road.

on the way to caunayan falls

Yours truly

crossing the river

You can either go there through this wooden bridge or through the other side. 

entance fee

Entrance Fee:

  • Kids – P 10
  • Adults – P 20
  • Cottage – P 100/each

Caunayan Falls

Caunayan Falls

It was kinda crowded when we arrived. The water’s cold and there’s a lot of stones. It’s better if you have aqua shoes. There were also dried leaves in the water that’s kinda creepy because there might be a snake just like on the anaconda movies.

Aside from Caunayan falls, there’s another one which can be reached by crossing a river and then a mountain trek not more than 20 minutes. The tricycle drivers were the ones who guide us to the second falls.

crossing the river

Don’t step on the brown rocks, it’s slippery. 

crossing a mountain

A little hiking to the falls.

Check out my Kalanggaman Island trip.

falls 2

We reached the second falls. The water’s colder than the first one and everybody was shivering. 

We didn’t visit the other tourist spots because we didn’t have enough time. I’m going back to Baler to visit those places.

Breakdown of Expenses:

  • P 60 – Breakfast (Lunch and Dinner is from Team Building Budget)
  • P 30 – Entrance Fee in Museo de Baler
  • P 20 – Entrance Fee in Caunayan Falls
  • P 183 – Tricycle tour + tip
  • P 150 – Souvenir T-shirt

Accommodation and transportation were FREE.

If you want to explore more of Baler and visit the tourist spots, you can contact and hire any of these friendly drivers and their tricycles. I wish I had a sticker that will say “Vien Recommended.” It help promote my blog too.


Reynaldo Villanueva - 09497650400
Reynaldo Villanueva – 09497650400
Kuya Ramon
Ramon Buenconsejo – 09479212174
Kuya Roger
Roger de Guzman – 09103471756

Package Rate:

P 800 for 3 persons + 200 per extra person

Places included in the Package:

Museo de Baler
Doña Aurora House
Baler Church
Balete Tree
Ditumabo or Mother Falls
Diguisit Falls
Aniao Islet

You can negotiate for other places that you want to add on the list.

Here are the other places you can add to your package:

  • Ermita Hill
  • Dicasalarin Cove
  • Baler Hanging Bridge
  • Ampere Beach
  • Borlongan Beach
  • Lukso-Lukso Beach
  • Cemento Beach

As for going to Baler you can check travel agencies on Facebook that offers Joiners or Group Trip. The trip is usually scheduled every Saturdays midnight till Sunday Night. You can get a package for around P 2500 per person.

If you’re going to Baler by car you can use this Google Map if you’re coming from Manila. Drive Safely and stay awake!

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure in Baler and I’m sure you’ll enjoy exploring Baler too.


Proofread and edited by Vany Piol