Puerto Princesa, Palawan: Best Enjoyed with your Girlfriends

May 27, 2015

This trip was the most awaited of all vacation I have for this year because it was with my highschool friends.

I can say that this trip have its quirks but it was fun especially with my wonderful friends.

It all started since my friend (Pettite) from New York planned to celebrate her birthday here in Philippines.

We planned the trip around October 2013 and purchased the package on November 2014 (took us almost a year to plan it).

We got our reservation at ETicketing Travel and Tours made by Carnilda. Good thing she did that because if not I bet it will be all messed up if it’s a DIY tour.

It was a 3-day and 2 night trip from January 9 till 11, 2015. We paid P 5,600+ for the airfare, hotel accommodation and airport transfer.

We availed the tours upon arrival at our hotel named One Rover’s Place for P3000, (we got a discount of 300 for each of us, my friends charmed the hotel owner).

The tours we chose are the City tour, Underground River Tour and Honda Bay Island Hopping.

Tour Inclusions – Minimum of 6 Pax (our group was a mixed one)

Air-conditioned vans for land transfers
Boat transfers
Entrance Fees
Shed rentals
Buffet picnic lunch(Except for City Tour & Dolphin Watching)
Service of licensed tour guides

Estimated Expenses: P 13,700/person (travel package, tours, food and souvenirs)

(c) Carnilda, Princess, Maritoni and Jem, you can also watch our mini video on Youtube and on the last part of this article. Enjoy!


Day 1

10:20am – Departure to Palawan
12:00nn – Arrival at Palawan Airport and check in at One Rover’s Hotel
01:00nn – Start of City Tour
01:30pm – Crocodile Farm (Palawan Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Center)
02:00pm – Baker’s Hill (merienda)
03:00pm – Plaza Cuartel
04:00pm – Puerto Princesa Cathedral
04:30pm – Souvenir Shop
05:00pm – Back to Hotel
06:00pm – Dinner at Kinabuchs
09:00pm – Sleep

Girlfriends in Palawan01

Us boarding at Naia 3 and arrival at Puerto Princesa Airport
(Friendship Goals: To travel with highschool friends)

Girlfriends in Palawan02

The beauty of Palawan from above. All I can say is “Wow”. 

Girlfriends in Palawan03

Crocodile Farm, where there are hundreds of baby and adult crocodiles.

Girlfriends in Palawan04

One of the largest crocodile with its bones and skin.

Girlfriends in Palawan05

At Baker’s Hill, where it smells like pastries everywhere. You’ll be tired of sniffing and can’t resist to buy one.

Girlfriends in Palawan06

At the Baker’s Hill love site with my girlfriends.

Girlfriends in Palawan07

Exploring the resto’s at Palawan. Must-try food is the Crocodile Sisig.
Left: Kalui | Right: Kinabuchs (weird names)

Girlfriends in Palawan08

The city of Puerto Princesa by night. 

Day 2

07:00am – Breakfast/Call Time
07:30am – Departure to Underground River
10:00am – Side-trip at Sabang Beach
12:00nn – Buffet Lunch
03:00pm – Underground River Tour
04:30pm – Back at Hotel
05:00pm – Souvenir Shop
07:00pm – Dinner at Kalui
10:00pm – Sleep

Girlfriends in Palawan09

Puerto Princesa Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

The underground river tour was great and fun because of our boat driver who was also the tour guide. They had trainings and familiarized every corners of the cave. He differentiated every shapes of the cave through fruits, vegetables and other important scenarios. There was an eggplant shape, a lion king and the birth of Jesus shape like complete with the three kings. You’ll be glad if you got the chance to ride with him.

Girlfriends in Palawan10

Jump shot at Karst Mountain (Elephant Cave).

Girlfriends in Palawan11

One of the souvenir items made in Palawan.

Day 3

07:00am – Breakfast/Call Time
07:30am – Rent for Snorkeling
09:00am – Departure to Honda Bay
10:30am – Luli Island
11:30am – Pandan Island
12:00nn – Buffet Lunch at Cowrie Island
03:00pm – Back at the Hotel
04:30pm – Merienda
05:55pm – Departure to Manila
07:20pm – Arrival

Girlfriends in Palawan12

We met a couple who left their jobs and decided to travel with their adorable twins (Jasper and Aurora). They have a blog named Trekking with Twins.

Girlfriends in Palawan13

Sun, Sand, Sea and Girlfriends at Luli Island. 

We also had fun snorkeling. We know how to swim but it took us time to teach ourselves how to breathe with it and to avoid water getting in. It was so great we laughed through it before we admired the fishes and fed them. We also had to use a life vest to float, for us not to use too much energy floating by ourselves. It’s a shame to gave-in to the life vest though.

Girlfriends in Palawan14

Last stop on our Honda Bay Tour at Cowrie Island

 It was our last island to visit, we also had our buffet lunch here and spent our time playing in the water and under the sun.

Girlfriends in Palawan15

Departure to Manila, it’s sad to leave Palawan. 

Check out my Kalanggaman Island trip.

Puerto Princesa down, next stop El Nido or Coron. It was a nice break from work and city life. I wish we can pull in the dates and it’ll be 2016 so we can travel again.

I bet there are more affordable Palawan packages out there due to the increase of travel agency. Choose wisely!

Here’s our video in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

See you on 2016, Palawan!

Please don’t forget to share your Puerto Princesa experiences.

Proofread and edited by Vany Piol.