A Day hike in Mt. Batulao (811+) | Batangas

May 23, 2015

Mountain Climbing is a very challenging activity and I’m not a fan. Not because it’s hard to climb up but it’s the going down that’s difficult for me. Weird, eh?

Going up is fun since I just need to push myself up wherein going down is risky because gravity pulls us down. One wrong step and I’ll be rolling down. (Hoping it will never happen)

Mt. Batulao is in Nasugbu, Batangas, optional route from Manila to Mt. Batulao is either via South Luzon Expressway or via Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway.

This was my second climb. The first one was at Mt. Maculot last 2013 on a Holy Week while we climbed Mt. Batulao last November 9, 2014. The weather was not too hot that time. There’s a drizzle on our way up due to a typhoon coming but it was a safe weather for a climb.

Estimated Budget: P900-1100

Our Itinerary:

New to Old Trail

  • 0500 Departure at Market! Market! Mall to Nasugbu, Batangas
  • 0700 Breakfast at Leslie’s (Tagaytay)
  • 0730 Arrival at Evercrest
  • 0750 Start trek
  • 0915 Arrival at Fork (We took the right one for NEW trail.)
  • 1030 Arrival at New Trail Campsite. (Register and Rest)
  • 1145 Arrival at Camp 10 (Lunch and Rest)
  • 1300 Start descent via Old Trail (Use the rope to go down)
  • 1500 Arrival at Camp 1. (Register and Rest again)
  • 1630 Back at Evercrest (Stretching and changed clothes)
  • 1745 Dinner at Bag of Beans (Tagaytay)
  • 1915 Arrival at Market! Market! Mall

Mt. Batulao Pictures (credits to Glen Gary Santos)

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao01

Start of the climb with the gang. (I’m one of the boys)

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao02

At the Peak 1, We chose the new to old route since most of the hikers opted to use it and to avoid traffic as well.

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao03

A livelier version of the Lord of the rings walk. 

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao04

Break time from a long walk.

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao05

Green, green grass everywhere. 

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao06

Everything you see is mine. Hahahahaha (evil laugh)

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao07

Breathtaking view. (Inhale the fresh air)

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao08

I told them that I won’t go down and will be stuck in here. 

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao09

One of our many stop-overs, we maximized our entire day for the climb.

A Day hike in Mt. Batulao10

And down to Camp 1, so exhausted but still smiling.

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As we go down, I counted how much more walking is needed and how many more minutes it’ll be before we reached our car.

 We were dead-tired and sore as we reached the bottom but all our efforts was worth it. The view, the fresh air, the bonding and the new me that conquered the Mt. Batulao.

Well, I guess, I survived!

Please don’t forget to share your Mt. Batulao experience.

Proofread and edited by Vany Piol.

11 thoughts on “A Day hike in Mt. Batulao (811+) | Batangas

  1. Okaaay… nakakakaba ung rocky part na hindi clear. haha. But thanks though. Di ko naman first time. Baka lang kabahan mga kasama ko kasi walang guide. haha.

  2. I’m organizing a climb for my barkada and officemates on a Sunday. Do you think need pa namin ng guide? We’re around 10-15 people.

    1. hello!!! if it’s your first time hiking then it’s much better to hire a tour guide for your safet, if it’s then you’re good.. there’s a rocky part that the path isn’t clear.. Good luck!!! 😀😀😀

  3. 7Am to 3pm paakyat and pababa na po yun? And do we need tlga dumaan/ bumaba jan sa part na gumagamit ng rope? 🙂 what are the must haves to bring po for a day hike? Thank you.

    1. yes po.. muka lng po mhirap pero enjoy po yan.. must haves: a lot of water, snacks, towels, sunscreen, a lot of patience and courage.. 🙂

  4. Hi Vien! I just want to know ilang oras kayo naglakad til you reach the peak? And do you suggest it for a first time climber like me? I want to go there (birthday celeb with nature ). Allowed ba mag overnight? Thank you.

    1. We started at around 7am and we finished around 3pm. We had many stopovers. Yup, it’s ideal for first timer. Overnight is also allowed. 🙂

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