Day Hikers’ Travel Essential

January 25, 2017

Are you planning to try something new this 2017, maybe like hiking? Well, there are lots of mountains in our country and even a lot more of hiking groups who would welcome us, newbies, to conquer those summits.

Cliff at Tarak Ridge

But before you get excited, remember that we can’t just laced our shoes up without conditioning our body and preparing our day hike travel essentials.

To help you out on what to pack, here’s a list of my day hike necessities and I hope it’ll help you plan your hiking adventures.

  • Backpack

Choose a backpack that’s water-resistant and could fit all your day-hike travel essentials. Try to imagine it on your back for 15 hours, if you think you can carry it for that long then buy it. If not, then time to sort out the things that you really need for the hike and leave those that are not important at home.

  • Dri-Fit Clothes

Wear the right fabric and dri-fit clothes are what you should look for. As they keep you dry and comfortable since most of the hikes will make you perspire while others may require you to layer and wear winter clothes.

  • Hiking Shoes

These would be your saving grace in every mountain that you’ll conquer. Plus having the right shoes will keep you from sliding when it’s slippery.

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  • Poncho or Raincoat

Even if we can predict the weather, it’s better to be prepared than sorry especially if you are hiking in the Cordillera Region.

  • Headlamp

Some day hikes starts even before the sun rises and you wouldn’t like walking in the dark not knowing what’s in front of you.

  • Gloves

Always bring a pair with you, whether for insulation or protection when gripping rocks and roots.

  • Bottled Water

Stay hydrated, all the time, especially if it’s hot and humid to avoid heat stroke, nausea and insanity (Joke!). As much as possible bring around 1.5L to 3L of water.

  • Trail Foods / Packed Lunch

Aside from staying hydrated, don’t forget to fill yourself with food that would give you energy and nutrition without taking too much room in your backpack. Something that you can easily dig into while walking. As for me, I pack cereal bars, jelly ace, nuts and chocolates while for lunch I always prefer easy-open canned goods and bread.

  • Trash Bag

Practice Leave No Trace everywhere. We are just visitors and keeping the area clean is one way of showing that we respect and love Mother Nature. Whatever you bring up be sure to take it with you when you go down even if it’s biodegradable.


  • Cameras

Take nothing but pictures, keep nothing but memories and that’s what cameras and smartphones are for. Don’t pick any flowers or anything that amazes you. Just take a photo of them and you can have all the time to admire them without creating a damage.

  • Scarf / Cap / Hat

Always protect your skin from UV rays even if it’s cloudy and don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your face too.

  • Whistle 

This helps you send a signal to your companions immediately whether there’s an emergency or if you’re getting lost.

  • First Aid Kit

I hope we would never use it but it’s better to be ready if someone needs treatment.

If I miss some items that you think are essentials for day hikes, you can comment them below.