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November 26, 2015

Hi loves!

Are you planning to check out Mindanao? Here’s a 3-day itinerary and budget for your upcoming Surigao del Sur trip. Destinations are Tinuy-an Falls, Enchanted River and Britania Group of Island.

Travel Guides

Day 1: Tinuy-an Falls

feature image tinuy-an falls
Day 2: Enchanted River

featured image enchanted river
Day 3: Britania Group of Islands

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3-Day Itinerary

Download itinerary here.

Time Activity/Where How Duration Estimated Amount
Day 1 – Tinuy-An Falls
05:00 Check in Naia 3 P 815
07:05 ETD to Butuan
09:10 ETA in Butuan
09:45 ETD to Mangagoy, Bislig Look for a VAN to MANGAGOY 5 hours P 350
14:00 Hire habal-habal to Tinuy-an Falls Sitio Sote, Brgy. Burboanan 1 hour P 200
Explore Tinuy-an Falls Entrance Fee P 50
Tour Guide P 20 (P100/5)
16:00 Back to Mangagoy, Bislig Hire a habal-habal 1 hour P 200
16:30 ETD to Hinatuan Proper (Marky’s Hostel) Bus to Butuan or jeep to Hinatuan Terminal 1 hour P 50-100
17:30 ETA in Hinatuan Terminal Walk to Marky’s Hostel 10 mins
17:45 Check in Marky’s Hostel / Shower P 250 (1000/4)
18:30 Dinner / Social Drawde’s Kamayan P 50-70
21:30 Sleep
Day 2 – Enchanted River
04:30 Wake up
05:00 ETD to Echanted River Hire a habal-habal 45 mins P 150
05:45 ETA in Enchanted River Brgy. Talisay P 30
06:00 Island Hopping

Sibadan Fish Cage
Ponta Cave
Pacific View Resort

Boat Rent for P 150/hour 3.5 hour P 105 (525/5)
Entrance Fee – P 10 Each P 30
09:00 Brunch at Sibadan Fish Cage Lobster, Crabs and Fish good for 5 P 400 (2000/5)
10:00 Swim in Enchanted River
12:15 ETD to Marky’s Hostel Hire a habal-habal 45 mins P 150
12:30 ETA in Marky’s Hostel and Shower
13:45 Check out and late lunch
Off to Britania group of Island
14:00 ETD to BAROBO Terminal Bus to Butuan and drop at Barobo 2 hours P 70
16:00 ETA in Barobo Bus Terminal Take a bus going to Tandag alight at Brgy. Salvacion, San Agustin 1 hour P 40
17:00 ETD to Brgy. Salvacion, San Agustin Hire a habal-habal to resort 10 mins P 20
17:15 Salvacion Tourism Environmental fee P 25
17:30 Check in Mac Arthur’s Place Aircon room with Bathroom plus Breakfast P 350 (1400/4)
18:00 Dinner P 44 (176/4)
20:30 Sleep
Day 3 – Britania Group of Island
05:00 Wake up
06:00 Island Hopping

Hagonoy Island
Naked Island
Hiyor-Hiyoran Island
Buslon Island

Rent a boat in the resort where you checked in. 4 hours P 325 (1300/4)
10:30 Back to Resort
11:00 Shower and Pack Up
12:00 Brunch (Complimentary Breakfast)
12:15 Check out Hire habal habal to Brgy. Salvacion 15 mins P 20
12:30 ETD to Butuan Wait for a Bus going to Butuan 4 hours P 255
16:30 ETA in Butuan ride a cab R2 or R4 to Airport 10 mins P 9
18:00 Airport and Check in Terminal Fee P 150
20:05 ETD to Manila

Breakdown of Expenses

Just like my Malapascua Island adventure, I planned this trip for a budget of P6,000. I guess I saved a lot more in this travel since I met four new amazing travel buddies to share the expenses. Yey!



P 815


P 1,604


P 600


P 629

Tour and Rentals

P 585

Total Expense

P 4,233


  • Book an early flight to Butuan while get the evening for your return flight.
  • Budget your money.
  • Bottle Water and snacks (Don’t want to starve for the 6-hours-bus ride)
  • Best time to visit will always be weekdays to avoid the crowd.
  • Make new friends and share the bills.

I hope this helps you plan your own Surigao del Sur Trip. Have fun loves!


  • Anonymous

    Hi Vien, when did you visited surigao del sur tnx

    • last Nov 10-12

  • Hi vien! I am from Cebu and we’ve got our plane tickets already. Scheduled travel will be Feb 2017, hmmm can I ask for your opinion what place amua unahon ug visit since mu arrive mi sa Surigao airport @9am. 4days – 3nights mi.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Chian!

      I love Cebu and I wish I live there!!

      As for your inquiry, (you may visit Bucas Grande and swim with the stingless jellyfish first) then Britania, Hinatuan and lastly Bislig.

      Have fun and stay safe!

  • Me and my friends are going to Davao next month and we’re planning to take a 5hour bus ride going to Surigao just to see the Tinuy-an Falls and the Enchanted River. Do you think it’s possible? Haha

    • yes, it is since they are just around 1-2 hour drive away from each other, but it’s better to leave in the morning