Britania group of Islands | Travel Guide

November 26, 2015

Britania group of Islands is located in Barangay Salvacion, San Agustin. These islands are now getting popular along with the Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls.

britania 02

It’s kinda similar to Pangasinan’s Hundred Island. There are 24 islands and you can visit 4 of those islands. Those are Hagonoy Island, Naked Island, Hiyo-hiyoran Island and Boslon Island. It was my last destination on my Surigao del Sur adventure but definitely not the least.

britania 05

 Britania Group of Island

hagonoy island 01

Hagonoy Island

hagonoy island 02

Another view of Hagonoy Island

naked island 01

Naked Island from afar.

naked island 02

It’s bare and naked without any trees.

naked island 02

That’s Hagonoy Island from Naked Island.

hiyor-hiyoran island 01

hiyor-hiyoran island 02

Hiyor-hiyoran Island

hiyor-hiyoran island beach

The beach of Hiyor-hiroyan Island with the view of other islands.

boslon island

boslon island 01

Boslon Island

boslon island 03

You can buy souvenir items at Boslon Island.

boslon island 02

Grotto in Boslon Island

Panlangagan Island 01

Sandbar going to Panlangagan Island.

Panlangagan Island 02

Panlangagan Island’s twin island

boslon island 04

The sandbar to Boslon Island.
hagonoy and naked island 02
Hagonoy and Naked Island.

Here’s how to get there

  • Fly to Butuan Airport (Fare: P 815 | Travel time: 1 hour and 20 mins)

Cheapest flight going to Surigao del Sur will be from Butuan Aiport. I got mine from a promo fare, the usual roundtrip fare is around P 5,000 to 6,000.

  • Bus or Van to Barangay Salvacion

From the airport, take the R4 multicab going to Butuan Bus Terminal then take a bus going to Tandag, get off at Brgy. Salvacion, San Agustin. Travel times takes around 4-5 hours for P 255.

Butuan to Britania

Other routes:

a.) From Hinatuan or Bislig

Take a bus going to Butuan City, drop off at Barobo Bus Terminal. Travel time is around 1-2 hours. Fare is around P 55 from Hinatuan while P 105 from Bislig.

Transfer to the van or bus going to Tandag, get off at Brgy. Salvacion in San Agustin. Travel time is around 1 hour for P 40-55.

Hinatuan to Britania

You may also hire a motorcycle or habal-habal from Hinatuan or Bislig to Brgy. Salvacion. Fare’s around P 1,200 to 1,500, it depends how good you are in haggling.

You may contact these drivers:
Lebert Orculyo – 09079520402
Jessie Asilum – 09106443428 / 09268387905

b.) From Davao City

Take a bus going for Tandag City and get off at Brgy. Salvacion in San Agustin. There are only two trips to Tandag from Davao, (1)12 midnight (2)6AM. Travel time takes around 6 hours for P 400.

Davao City to Britania

c.) From Surigao City

(Opt 1) Take a bus going for Butuan City, then transfer to another bus or van going to Tandag and get off at Brgy. Salvacion.

(Opt 2) Take a bus going to Tandag. In Tandag City, then transfer to another bus or van going to Butuan and get off at Brgy. Salvacion in San San Agustin.

Travel time for either way takes around 3-4 hours.

Surigao City to Brtiania

  • Motorcycle or Habal-habal ride (Fare: P 20 | Travel Time : 10-15 mins)

From Brgy. Salvacion, there lots of habal-habal drivers that will take you to the resort where you’ll stay. You can hire them for P 20 per person. Travel time is 10-15  minutes.

  • Pay the Environmental fees

Along the way, the habal-habal driver will stop at the Salvacion Tourism Office to pay the environmental fee of P 25.

Things to do

  • Island hopping

Rent for the boat starts at P 1,300 to P1,500 good for 15 person. If you’re check-in at a resort, you have to hire the boat from that resort. If you hire from other boatmen, you have to check-out early.

For Day tour:

You may contact Tata Libres at 09303912350. He’ll give you a discount.

  • Kayaking

britania 001

  • Eat sea urchin

sea urchin food trip 01

sea urchin food trip 02

Yours truly eating sea urchin.
Day 1: Tinuy-an Falls

1st tier

Day 2: Enchanted River

enchanted river 0005

Where to Stay

Here are some of the resorts in Britania, prices ranges at P 1,400 good for 4 pax with aircon and own bathroom.

  • Mac Arhtur’s Place – 0999-9910845 / 0939-9163745
  • La Entrada Resort and Restaurant – 0930-2275934 /0949-9719630
  • Oasis Rest House – 0910-7529319
  • Arena Blanca Beach Resort – 0918-9622192 / (082)284-4203
  • Ysha’s Resthouse – 0921-4829523
  • Twin’s Pension House – 0949-6727967 / 0948-1464071

britania 04

Itinerary and Budget

Day 2: Coming from Hinatuan
14:00 ETD to BAROBO Terminal Bus to Butuan and drop at Barobo 2 hours

P 70

16:00 ETA in Barobo Bus Terminal Take a bus going to Tandag alight at Brgy. Salvacion, San Agustin 1 hour

P 40

17:00 ETD to Brgy. Salvacion, San Agustin Hire a habal-habal to resort 10 mins

P 20

17:15 Salvacion Tourism Environmental fee

P 25

17:30 Check in Mac Arthur’s Place Aircon room with Bathroom plus Breakfast

P 350 (1400/4)

18:00 Dinner

P 44 (176/4)

20:30 Sleep

Day 3 – Britania Group of Island and back to Manila

05:00 Wake up
06:00 Island Hopping

Hagonoy Island

Naked Island

Hiyor-Hiyoran Island

Buslon Island

Rent a boat in resort where you’re check in. 4 hours

P 325 (1300/4)

10:30 Back to Resort
11:00 Shower and Pack Up
12:00 Brunch (Complimentary Breakfast)
12:15 Check out hire habal habal to Brgy. Salvacion 15 mins

P 20

12:30 ETD to Butuan wait for a Bus going to Butuan 4 hours

P 255

16:30 ETA in Butuan ride a cab R2 or R4 to Airport 10 mins

P 9

18:00 Airport and Check in Terminal Fee

P 150

20:05 ETD to Manila


  • You are only allowed to rent a boat from the resort where you checked-in.
  • You may either start at Britania or make it the last stop of your Surigao del Sur trip.

I hope this article convinced you to plan your own Surigao Del Sur trip and do share your tips and experiences about Britania Group of Islands.

Have fun backpacking!

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