Early Summer in Caliraya Resort Club

September 22, 2015

It’s almost summer!

It was an early getaway before the holy week starts. Last March 27-28, we went to one of the famous resort in Laguna which is Caliraya Resort Club, Inc. A 7.6-hectare resort in the middle of the lake.

caliraya trip

Yours Truly

It was a company team building. Our accommodation and transportation are all free. Some brought their +1 partners along while others brought their family. The total headcount was around 60+. The more the merrier!

We left around 12PM and arrived at around 4PM. It was a long roller-coaster drive. Here’s a map that you can follow to get to Caliraya Resort, Inc.

Credits to the owner.

caliraya boat ride

Before you reach the main resort, there’s a 5-minute boat ride to cross the man-made lake.

caliraya 001

Upon arrival you can either walk or wait for the resort’s jeepney that will take you to the different places of the resort. It’s a huge place that’s why a jeep is more convenient especially in the afternoon.

caliraya villa

One of the villas.

caliraya map

Caliraya Resort Inc. map

Here are the room rates:




caliraya mini zip line

After we checked in, we tried this mini zip line where you can either sit or stand.

dinner time

We had our first meal in the resort. All meals are served BUFFET style.

There’s a certain time for every meal so be sure to get there on time. Leftovers and take-outs are not allowed.

Don’t worry you’ll never leave the table without a full stomach. Just eat as much as you can handle and don’t forget to bring your food stub for every meal which is included in your package.

After our meal, we went to the wave pool for a night swim.

nigh tswimming

I had to wear a life vest because the wave gets too strong. It’s hard to float even though I know how to swim.

The pool area is open until 10PM and closes during meal time.

There are 3 pools, a kiddie pool around 3 feet, a huge 5 feet wave pool and a pool divided by a 4, 10 and 12 feet pool. I stayed on the last pool the next day.


The day ended with a few drinks and some sang along with a guitar. 

Day 2

caliraya mealtime

Breakfast meal.

caliraya view

We had a full view of the lake and the resort at the top of the dining area building.


There’s also a Hanging Bridge.

caliraya mud slide

We tried the mud slide.

caliraya wall climbing

I tried wall climbing.

Check out my Kalanggaman Island trip.

You can climb as much as you want for P150 for 30 minutes. The wall has three levels of difficulty, the second and third wall were inclined. Level one was the easiest since it’s a straight wall and I reached the top. I didn’t finish the second level though, but it was still another accomplishment for me.

wave pool

Swim at the Wave pool

caliraya giant ball

Some of my colleagues played volleyball using that giant ball.

caliraya zip line

Others tried the zipline.

caliraya biking

Sky biking

Taking biking to the next level, now on air! Don’t look down and just sing-along with the St. Francis Square theme song.

There are other things that you can do in Caliraya. There’s a separate fee for the amenities and facilities, here’s the list:



We had a lots of fun and it was a great weekend before we head back to the city again.

caliraya all

My second family at work while we were waiting for the boat ride.

You can book a room in Caliraya Resort Club, Inc. through Agoda, click here.


Photo credits:

Glen Gary Santos – SLR Photos
Dana and Lea Cagat – IPad Photos


Proofread and edited by Vany Piol.