The Little Santorini in Batangas (Camp Netanya)

July 21, 2015

I know you’ve seen photos of Santorini in Greece and I bet just like me, you wanted to book a flight and go there, however, there are so many buts.

Santorini, Greece by

Don’t worry! We found a little place that looked like Santorini. It’s called Camp Netanya at Anilao, Batangas, only 5 hours away from Manila if you have your own car.

My highschool friends and I went there last June 7, 2015. We came from Taal, Batangas and it took us around 2 hours. We left at 9:20AM and arrived there around 11:30AM.


We couldn’t find the place in Google Maps though, good thing that the contact number was posted in some blogs.

I contacted the manager and she gave us a landmark which is Vistamar. You’re almost there once you see it, around 10 more minutes of driving. You’ll know you’re in the right way if you see La Chevrerie Resort.

Tip: Book a reservation via Agoda or you can send an email at

Resort Address:  Barangay Ligaya, Anilao, Batangas, Mabini, 4202

Here are the photos of Camp Netanya the Little Santorini in Batangas:


The view from the parking lot and entrance area.We were in awe when we saw the full view of the area and it really does feel like we’re in Santorini.

We didn’t book any reservation nor call to inquire before coming. When we arrived, we discovered that they don’t accept walk-ins since there is no shower area or any changing room for a day tour. Just a dining area for public use with a comfort room and the rooms for overnight accommodations.

Lucky us that the odds are in our favor because we had convinced the manager to allow us for a day tour. (Wooohoooo!)


Pool Area

The pool is divided into three, 3 feet for kids, 4 feet and 10 feet for adults. We stayed in the pool lounge chair under an umbrella and we occupied two. My friends changed into their swimsuit on the dining area’s comfort room while I had mine on already.


One of the rooms

You can check the photos of what’s inside on my second article about this resort.

UPDATE as of 11202016:  Camp Netanya is now accepting reservations and will be open on January 2017.

READ: Rates for Camp Netanya: (The Little Santorini in Batangas)

You may click this link to book a reservation through Agoda.

Day Tour was worth P500 per head inclusive of snorkeling and kayaking.

The overnight accommodation is worth P5,000 for 2 person then P1,000 per additional.

Kids that are 3 years old and below are FREE.

As for the food, you can order it at their office. Food price ranges from P150 to P300 per dish. I forgot to take a picture of their menu.

Choices are seafood, noodles, chicken, sandwiches at a very affordable price.


My friend Patrick Barry exploring and enjoying the underwater beauty of Anilao, Batangas.


Yours truly posing with the beauty of Camp Netanya.


The Gang! My highschool friends.


My beautiful friend (Carnilda) enjoying the sun at Camp Netanya and who loves to do a mermaid swim.
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That’s me underwater of the pool, also feeling like little mermaid.


Underwater at the beach with my friend (Maritoni).


There’s also access to the calm beach but it has mosses, huge rocks and sea urchins. I got stung and had a little cut on my right foot. It hurts and it was my first encounter with a sea urchin. (Tssssk, I guess they didn’t like me.)


Yours truly having a hard time removing the spines. Be careful when you go to the beach.


The Little Santorini after the sun sets. See you again Camp Netanya.

Please do share your Camp Netanya experience too.

See you!

Credits to my friends for some of the pictures (Maritoni and Carnilda)

Proofread and edited by Vany Piol.

  • Jibril

    Hi Vien, It’s a good thing that you post Little Santorini, my family are planning to visit this place next week after Christmas we have no plan to stay overnight because of our work would you suggest the best time to leave Manila can we pay the entrance fee there? What we have to bring? Thank you for your time

    • Vien M

      Hi Jibril, camp netanya will open on 2017, I’m afraid that you may check other resorts

  • The resort is under renovation and it might be opening this November.

    For booking, inquiries and reservation:

    PM –

  • Jimi Jimenez

    For Booking, reservation and Inquiry Please email: new email address and management.

    Thank you.

    • thank for the info.. mr. jim

    • Jimi Jimenez

      For Booking, reservation and Inquiry

      Please email:

      New email address and Management.

      Thank you.

    • kris

      I would like to go to your resort can someone tell me how to get there tnx

    • Anonymous

      Sent an email and it says, the email address doesn’t exist.

  • tisoy

    Nice photos of it Ms. Vien… hope that our travel agency will be there again soon… You can add us on fb pat thin travels and maybe we can cater your service needs our number for your affordable van rental services are: 0905-8218600 / 0915-2259085 / 0998-5743727 / 0933-4196830.. hope to be of business with you soon guys:)… May God bless you:)

  • Nathan

    Thanks for this article! Thinking of going here in 2 weeks πŸ™‚ great article btw

  • Our southern luzon destinations are really upping the ante.
    Nice and comprehensive post.
    Keep it up!

  • ian gaudiel fortune

    Hi There Vien, T’was such a nice review of the place, Thanks, without you i would never have heard of this, another one to add to my check list for my itinerary next time am back home, cannot see nothing wrong with your usage of though in your sentences and looking forward to more exciting reviews that you can share with us, very much appreciated , cheers

    • Hi Ian,

      Thank you for your kind words, you lifted my spirits up. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit and appreciate the place.

      I had remove the though’s I used just so not to offend someone in my technique in writing.

      I’ll continue to share my upcoming experience.

      Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

  • I will be visiting this place soon

    • enjoy.. please do share ur experience

    • chicklet

      Ms. Vien do they have a telephone number? If ever di ma contact yung pinost mong number.

    • I dont have any other contact number. πŸ™

  • Zuang Yee

    Miss please refrain from using “though” at the end of your sentences. If you don’t know how and when to use it, just pls stop.

    • Okay.. thanks for the info. I’ll edit it..

    • No! do not edit it Miss, This Miss Zuang Yee is so rude, telling you what ? English language comes from England and if you hear how English people speak their language, you will start wondering where we got our English from. She is not your editor, walang syang K.

    • oohhh.. thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your support po. I also admit that my grammars are not perfect and I tried to correct every mistake I made. ❀❀❀

  • mr_adventure24

    whose the girl wearing blue (whatever u call it) sando? hehe β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ nice place… mas ok sna kng mganda din yng beachfront nla…

    • cropped top? with the long hair? that’s my friend po.

  • Anonymous

    To find the location on Google Maps you have to use Mabini, Batangas as the location.

  • Nur Maisara Damia

    Sana po meron mga halal restaurants for Muslims sa place na yan..😊😊😊

    • Anonymous

      punta ka sa middle east… lahat dun halal…

    • let’s respect each other po πŸ™‚

      try nio po mg ask dun s email about s food nila.. πŸ™‚

  • Nur Maisara Damia

    Meron po ba mga halal restaurants dito ma’am?

    • Anonymous

      Meron nmn poh cgru dun bsta tel nyo lng f anu lyk nyo,,,try nyo pmnta dun!

  • Anonymous

    How to get there if commute lang?

    • Anonymous

      from manila sakay ka ng batangas pier, tapos baba ka ng grand terminal sa batangas city, mula grand terminal sakay ka ng dyip papuntang mabini, baba ka ng crossing or anilao, tpos tricycle, medyo mahal nga lang bayad sa tricycle, 100+ pesos

    • edgar

      from manila sakay ka ng bus papuntang batangas pier, baba ka ng grand terminal ng batangas city, may dyip dun papuntang mabini sakaykau ng dyip tapos baba ng crossing or anilao, mula dun tricycle na sasakyan, medyo mahal lang ung tricycle, 100+ cguro un

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  • michelle

    hi my room ba pag day tour? pno po pag 4adults and 2 kids..

    • meron pong rates for the room po.. check my latest article for the update.. πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      San po pwd mgpabook?

    • Here’s another article for bookings

  • Marose

    I never got a reply from the contact person you indicated, Ms. Concepcion, despite numerous texts. I guess I’ll just book via Agoda. Thanks for sharing this resort. Looks glamorous!

  • Anonymous

    Kailangan po b nka swimsuit tlga or can we just go there and swim with shorts and t shirts? Thanks 😊

    • ndi nmn po sila strict s attire, maarte lang po tlga kmi kaya naka swimsuit po :).. enjoy po

    • Anonymous

      Hi ms. Vien may idea po ba kayo kung from manila kami how to get there?

    • I’m currently searching for that po. I’ll let you know po once my info n po ako. πŸ™‚

  • marc

    Sa mga magtatanong pa po, pakibasa na lang po yung article ano po? andun na po lahat ng gusto niyong malaman, hindi yung puro kayo tanong sa blogger… basa basa din po ano po???

    • hi! thank you! okay lng po, happy to help


  • Nice content about this Batangas resort, I didn’t know there’s a cozy place like this in Anilao, we don’t frequent Anilao because we hate the rocky beaches they have there πŸ™‚ Anyway, for stuff about Batangas, you can check out my blog…

    • thank you!!! okay, i will check your blog! 😆😆😆

  • Anonymous

    Hi how Is the road going there?di ba steep or rough road?what way did you use kase im more familiar of nasugbu beach.thanks πŸ™‚

    • the road is good, not that steep and it’s smooth ride going there, as for the way we came from taal then bauan rd po.. hope it helps

  • Anonymous

    para syang thunderbird resort, good thing mas mura sya kasi 5k lang overnight πŸ™‚

    • ohhh!!! hope you’ll share your experience when you visit the place

  • Anonymous

    Are you single Vien? πŸ™‚
    For public information lang. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • hahaha!

      Single po. πŸ™‚

  • mhamienisofie

    very informative blog πŸ™‚ thumbs up..

    • thank you so much! i hope you’ll support my upcoming articles too

    • Ahnne

      hi, ask ko lng po what if day tour ang kunin required po b n mgavail ng room ??

    • that i didn’t asked the owner.. i’ll asked hi, i’ll updatr once i have an answer

  • Anonymous

    If you have very time… Visit Shercon resort in mataasnakahoy batangas… It’s a nice place. You can Check their website

    • Thank you, I will definitely visit it. Just sorting my list of places to visit. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    For a day trip; it is 500/head includes snorkeling and kayaking as Vien M mentioned. You can just walk-in for a day trip. Their overnight stay is fully-booked until September (all weekends), try to ask an available date for a weekday overnight stay. P5,000/night for 2 persons (I am not sure if this includes breakfast, but for this price, breakfast might be included). P1,000/night for an additional person if you have a chaperone. LOL. Kids 7yrs old below are free, bring any proof that they are 7yrs and below, just to be sure.

    • thank you so much for the added info!

    • Jimi

      Food is not included in our rates.
      Babies to 3 year old are free.
      CN Management

    • guys, another info!


  • Anonymous

    Anu-anong activities ang puwedeng gawin??

    • my snorkeling and kayaking po.. ask n lng po s main office nila for assistance and life vest

  • Liam

    Ano po yung contact number nila para mkapagreserve pwede po b mgdala ng pagkain?

    • hi itry the contact number and it’s already working.. twagan ko po ulit ung manager and i’ll ask more details po

    • Jimi

      Send your request for Reservations to:

      Phone is hard to reach due to heavy volume of calls

    • ill update my blog with this info po

  • Anonymous

    Anong oras ang check in time at check out na rin??

    • ai ndi ko po ntanong.. not sure if its the usual check in/out time

  • Anonymous

    Me kasama bang breakfast accommodation yung room rates??

    • i’ll ask for it po.. d po kc kmi ngovernyt

  • Anonymous

    Hi, do you happen to know if they are accepting credit card or cash basis only? Thanks in advance =)

    • i’m not sure about it but when we were in their office i saw a credit card terminal..

    • Anonymous

      Si pareng patrick ba yun? Patrick barry pamintuan?

    • hahaha.. opo!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, alam nyo po ba kung nagooffer sila ng scuba diving activities? This is the first time I heard about this place and it really looks good. Thanks

    • ai ndi ko ntanong..pero ung iba pong resort my scuba diving po

  • pssstpssstpssst

    Try booking through

    • did it go through?

    • nice!!!! you help others who wanted to book too

  • Joy

    ask ko lng if ung 5k na overnight na room for how many persons..

  • Anonymous

    ang ganda!!!!!

  • Ferdinand Lao

    Do you have any info about the reservation any contact details

  • Hi Vien,

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Mukhang yayamin ang place na to πŸ™‚ Super ganda ^_^

  • Least

    Your though word is overwhelming. Thanks for sharing

    • thank you for reading!

  • Anonymous

    Where exactly in batangas

    • Jimi

      GPS Coordinates: 13Β° 43.726N 120Β° 53.177E Elev: 32m

    • 🙋🙋🙋

  • MaryNoemi

    Hi, been here for overnight stay. The view is scenic, but I hate to say that the service and accommodation is not OK πŸ™
    I guess this resort needs a lot of restoration since based on its history, this is meant for private events only.
    Way long to go for Camp Natenya.

    • haven’t tried to book an overnight stay though,

  • gel

    hi!im trying to contact the cellphone number you have given in this blog, but its unattended..:(

    • yeah.. i tried the same thing since there are too many inquiries.. may be because she received a lot of text and call.. too bad though

    • Anonymous

      I just talked to Patrick earlier. The number still works.

  • from the pictures.. the beach look a bit small.. is it high tide then? or ganun lng talaga ang size ng beach..

    • nope, the beach is a vast.. can’t tell though, batangas beaches are calm that’s why it look small..

      you can do snorkeling and kayaking there

  • chay escueta

    Hi,I would like to ask dun sa 5k nyo ilang persons covered nun? and pwedeng magdala ng sarili mong food?

  • Anonymous


    You may want to check this out as well :

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    I want to go here!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    sa 5k accommodation, ilan ang capacity per room?

    • ang alm ko po 2 per room.. not sure iln capacity and ang allowed since d po kmi ng overnight that time

    • Anonymous

      in 5000 only 2 person lang ba?

    • may ngsabi po skin good for 4 person n daw po un.. pero my changes daw po s rates nila

    • Joanna Lumabad

      Maximum of 3. No breakfast included.

    • Anonymous

      2 persons for 5k/night, im not sure if may bfast na. then additional 1k per head, also, not sure if ilan yung capacity nung room nila.

  • Charlene May Ona

    I can’t contact their number. I keep on searching for their website but i think, they don’t have one. Is there any way for me to make a reservation? Thank you.

    • you can try thru tripadvisor but not sure.. currently checking

  • Wow my friend told me about this and I was like damn ganda! ganda din ng friend mo… hehehe!

    • yup.. wa were in awe too..

      thank you po, mkkrating po ung compliment!

  • Kim rivera

    Hey is that abeigail?

  • Anonymous

    can you give me the numberof the right contact person. thank you!

    • this is the number I contacted when we went there


    • Grace

      Ask Ko lan po if merun kau contact Ng manager po sa camp netanya for other question..pd Ko b mahinge..

    • ung number po n alam ko ndi n po gumagana.. πŸ™ currently checking

    • jarey

      Saan pong lugar Yan

    • s mabini, batangas po

    • Anonymous

      This number still works. I just called them earlier this morning and I talked to Patrick for reservation.

  • Loida

    Great place! Thanks for sharing. Hopefully makapunta din kami jan..

  • aiza santiago

    sa 5000 na overnyt bukod pa ung 500 per head??

  • prettyronay

    Hi miss! Kasama na ba sa room accommodation yung sa pool at iba pang facilities nila? Thanks. 😊

    • yup.. kasama n po.. πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      hi po 😊 pano po mag punta dun ? TIA😊😊😊

    • via car po kmi.. not sure pano po pag public transpo.. if my car po kayo try nio po gmitin to GPS Coordinates: 13Β° 43.726N 120Β° 53.177E Elev: 32m

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  • Helga Weber

    Nakausap ko yung sea urchin, ayaw nga daw talaga sayo hahahaha. Hope to visit Netanya soon!

    • Hmmmm.. bad sea urchin!!! lesson learned bili tayo nung shoes for beach

    • Anonymous

      san sa batangas ?

    • tabitha

      ask ko lng po kung allowed mag dl ng food and drinks inside??tnx

    • yes po!!! πŸ™‚

  • maan orros

    There’s a resort up north that also has the feel of Santorini. Check out Thunderbird Resorts in San fernando, La Union.

    • thank you for the info.. i’ll try to check it out

    • u should try thunderbird.amazing place!! been there last yr.

    • oohh!!! i’m gonna check it out.. sana mura po..

    • Anonymous

      my friends and i been there! that was amazing!!😍 super ganda!!

    • worth the travel time.. hihihi

    • my friends and I been there!! we had fun and the place was Amazing!!one of the best!!

    • good for you!!! πŸ™‚

  • grasssya


    • πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • joy alfonso

    thanks for sharing…we will try to have our family vacation …just near manila, no hassle..

    • welcome po!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • Anonymous

      Is the place reachable thru public

    • that i’m not sure of cause we had our friend’s car though πŸ™ I’ll check out how to get there via public transpo

  • Vheniii

    Ilan po capacity sa isang room that cost P5000? Hindi po ba pwedeng magdala ng foods? And allowed po ba ang alcohol drink? Pwede ko po makuha contact number nila? Thanks po.

  • mhaye

    what camera did you use?. your pictures are captivating..

    • phone cam iphone5, samsung e5, go pro, lg po..

      salamat po at natuwa po kayo


  • Cheche

    How much po ngastos nio?

  • CJB

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    And they keep asking me why I love the Philippines so much..
    You have to be either crazy, a sadist, melancholic, stupid or lived in a cave your whole life not to…

    • hahahaha.. that is so true!!!

      more travels to come!

  • Paano po yung food nyo sa Camp Netanya? Mahal po ba food jan? Thanks

    • pde mag-ihaw ihaw.. ndi ko n po npicturan ung menu nila.. my pancit, sandwich, chicken, seafood and drinks n din po.. masarap nmn po ung food.. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

      mura lng po ung foods wala pang 500 ngastos nmin for our group..

    • Anonymous

      Magkano po per head

    • 500 po smin.. pero bwal n po day tour ee.. overnight room nila is P5k

    • Anonymous

      How much per head?

    • Anonymous

      gang ilan persons po ang pede i accomodate ng 5k/night nila?

    • 5k is for the room lng po.. not sure kung iln pde per room

    • Anonymous

      Vienes ikaw pla yan! Haha trending ka!

    • hohoho.. sino toh! salamat s mga nag share!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ilan po ang allowed sa per room

    • Hi sis, may update ka na ba sa contact info nila?

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • still searching po.. πŸ™‚

    • Chryzthie

      Hallo…. ask ko lng how much per head… aside from their rooms.. ang ganda ng place thanks for sharing…:)

      sana ma share mo din samin yung contact number nila… Thanks… πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ms.Vien May i ask if where did you find their Contact number?

    • i got it in some blogs too πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous

      may update na ba sa contact info? haha!

    • its working n po.. i also suggest to the owner to get a website for inquiries and bookings πŸ™‚

    • Rose

      Ive been trying to call the number for reservation but phone was busy since this morning and non there any alternative number?its my bday on the weekend so I’m planning to bring my family. Please let me know of other numbers that I can call with.thanx!

    • il go ask for an alternative number.. advance happy birthday to you love!!!! i’m afraid tht they’re booked until september thoug but you can still try to check for availble dates

    • Daryl

      Hi Vien, Do you when can i book this august? i want to bring my wife e 1st anniv namin. the place is sweet e.

    • Hi Daryl!

      Advance happy anniversary to both of you!

      You can try to send and email thru this for reservations

    • Anonymous

      Ms. V hingi pa pm nmn po aq if my alternative no. N sila.. Thanks… –Mark-

    • working n po ung number nila and pde din po mg email

    • Hi Ms Vien,

      their email is not working,. it bounces back..
      any alternative contacts so far?

      Thanks πŸ™‚

    • let me ask for another one

      thanks for the info


    • Anonymous

      i want to ask if…ung 5K na room good for how many persons??

    • Jimi

      Food range from Php 150 to 300 per dish

    • thanks for the info!!!

    • Jimi

      Php 150 – 300 per dish