Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach

June 03, 2015

This trip was one of our spur-of-a-moment thing. The night before was my friend’s birthday and we still have our hang overs, when we decided not to waste our time and just go to the beach.

My friend’s cousins suggested and searched this place online. Routes to Tali Beach from Manila via Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, via R-1 (Cavite) or via R-3 (Laguna), click links for google maps. It was a 2-hour drive from San Luis, Batangas while an estimated of a 3-hour drive from Manila.

Here are the picture of our Impromptu Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach:

(c) Kuya Bok, Jem, Princess, Ate Iseh, Ate Alex, Aysid and Kuya Jingo for photos and company

Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach01
The blue ocean’s contrasting color to the green land. I want to go back.
Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach02
The cool water under the blazing sun.

Tali beach is in Nasugbu, Batangas near Punta Fuego and they found a P4000 worth of house rent overnight, swimming and cliff jumping. You can contact Nico Muleta at (0939)-937-1952 if you’re planning to have an overnight trip at Tali Beach. We just googled this number and no worries this one is legit.

Visitors cannot easily enter the gate and we waited for the caretaker to fetch us. The location is like an exclusive subdivision and there are lots of inclined road and slopes. It’s better to have someone whose familiar to the site, we arrived around 3PM and left around 7PM.

Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach03
Weeeeee! Us getting ready to jump!

Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach04
The wide view of the jumping spot.
Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach05
We call this the beginner’s level cliff, it’s around 8+ feet above sea level. Easy peasy, ain’t it?
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Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach06
Sweeeeeeeeet! That’s Kuya Bok showing how easy it is.
Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach07
At the highest cliff, it’s around 20 ft. above sea level. Can you see me?

House Rates (Jan – Feb 2017)

Upper Level Room Only
1 King Size Bed and Mattresses for 4 Pax
Max Capacity: 4 person
P 5,000 w/o Pool Access
P 6,000 w/ Pool Access

Ground Level Room Only
1 Bunk Bed (Dbl/Sgl) and Mattresses for 8 Pax
Max Capacity: 8 person
P 7,000 w/o Pool Access
P 8,000 w/ Pool Access

Poolside Studio
1 Queen Size Day Bed and Mattresses for 4 Pax
Max Capacity: 4 person
P 7,000 w/ Pool Access

Upper & Ground Floor Rooms
1 King Size Bed, 1 Bunk Bed (Dbl/Sgl) and Mattresses for 12 pax
Max Capacity: 12 person
P 10,000 w/o Pool Access
P 12,000 w/ Pool Access

Upper, Ground Floor & Poolside Studio
1 King Size Bed, 1 Bunk Bed (Dbl/Sgl), 1 Queen Size Day Bed and Mattresses for 15 pax
Max Capacity: 15 person
P 17,000 w/ Pool Access

(Green House not included. For private use only)

Contact: 0939-937-1952 or 0999-881-4151


Visit them at for more details or book at Airbnb.

Reminder: Don’t forget to bring your own food. Do also leave the place clean and organize.

 Our jump at the highest cliff
Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach08
Princess’ and Kuya Bok’s jump
Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach09
It’s ate Alex’s jump and I.
Cliff Jumping at Tali Beach10
That was a splash and this is how it looked underwater.

You can also watch the video of my jump, click here.

We can say that there’s nothing wrong being spontaneous and these are the times that unplanned trip happen than the planned ones.

I survived cliff jumping and it’s been checked off on my bucket list but I still want to do it again.

Please do share your cliff jumping experience in Tali, Beach!

Proofread and edited by Vany Piol.

  • Therese

    So, quick question….the house for rent that you posted here is the same house where you went cliff jumping?

    • Hi Therese, nope, they’re not.. you may either walk or drive going to the cliff jumping site and to the beach..

    • Vien M

      Hi Therese, nope, they’re not. to get to the cliff jumping site and beach, you may either walk or drive around 2-5 minutes.

  • Anonymous

    yung bahay ba e side beach po?

    • ndi po.. need to walk po mga 5-10 mins

  • Anonymous

    May life vest ba for divers who dont want to swim

    • ohh.. that’s not provided po..

  • Pau

    Buhay pa ba tong post na to? Hindi ko na ma contact si caretaker as of today. Naka off yung phone and no response sa text.

    • Pau

      May iba pa po kayag contact number yung caretaker? This place is really cheap and sana makuha namin.

    • awww.. i dont have his updated number sorry

  • Hi Ms. vien, is the diving spot somehow public?

  • pano pala gamit and tulugan din…if one room? magdadala ka ba or meron silang bibibgay na gamit and all?

    • Anonymous

      hello po! yan po ba yung Jo & Johnny’s beach resort? or para siyang sa pansol na maraming resorts then open yung cliff diving?

    • ndi po..

  • hello..anung coverage ng 4k niyo? isang room for how many po?

    • ung buong house po.. d ko po naakyat ung 2nd floor kc daytour lmg kmi.. s gf my bunk bed..

  • Anonymous

    Was the house nice and comfy?

    • Yes it is..forgot to take pictures though..

  • Anonymous

    Hi! How many are you in the group? 🙂 Thanks

    • 9 adults and 1 kid

  • Anonymous

    Do you have pictures of the place/house?

    • we were so excited we didnt take picture with the house.. sorry

  • Krizza

    Hi! How much did you pay for your day tour? 🙂 Is the number listed above your contact person? Thank you so much!

    • 4k.. yup that’s the number

  • Ina

    Hi! Is the 5k budget per person? or for a whole group? And what’s the name of the place you stayed at? 🙂 Thank you!

    • for whole group.. it’s a house and that’s the contact person that we also got via internet.. hope this helps

  • Anonymous

    Hello Vien! Paano po kung wala kaming kakilala doon, pwede po bang ma-contact nalang yung binigat niyong number? Thanks!

    • yup.. sinearch lang din nmin s net yung contact nmin 🙂

  • Anonymous

    is the cliff diving area for free? and is backpacking/tent possible here?

    • yes it’s free but I think you should know someone inside the area because it looks like a subdivision,

      as per backpacking and tent, that i’m not sure of,

  • Migs

    Hi vien

    That P4000 worth of house rent ba is good for overnight stay? For example dumating kami ng 12nn then the following day aalis kami ng 12nn rin, ang bayad pa rin ba don is P4000?

    Will wait for you to reply. Thanks 🙂

    • Yes po, ung samin hindi namin na sulit kasi umuwi kami sunday kasi ‘yon.

  • kimmie

    do you have pictures of the house where you stayed in?


    • Hi! I didn’t take any pictures of the house cause we were so excited to go to the beach, but it’s nice and comfy.

  • Joyce Marie

    Hi. I just read your blog. And actually me and ny parter is planning to go to tali beach. I would like to ask what name ng resort or ng room na pinag stayan niyo. Balak namin is over night eh. and gusto namin na yung may diving na rin aside sa accom and foods. Hope you can help us. Tahnk you!

    • Hello! We didn’t stay in a resort, it’s like a homestay for rent since there’s no pool in the house. I’m not sure if there’s a diving area in Tali Beach.

  • Yeki Mendoza

    Hi. If we’re planning on a day trip only, how much would that cost us? Thank you 🙂

    • Same as our estimated budget.. 🙂 the only difference might be with the transpo and food since we didn’t bought food and had our own vehicle..

  • Karla

    The budget of Php5000.00 is good for ilang person po?

    • mga 7-9 po.. food and accomodation lng po.. d p ksama transpo..

  • Ano itsura ng bahay? May pool ba?

    • maganda nmn po.. d n po masyado ncheck kc hapon n po kami dumating then deretso s jumping site taz ngmmadali n po maligo after kc may pasok p po..

      wala pong pool ee..

  • Zach Patel

    That’s all fine. Hope we can contact Mr. Nico Muleta soon so we can visit the place ASAP. I’m still awaiting for my colleagues confirmation. Many thanks.

    • Did you tried to contact him, is the number still working?

      you’re welcome!

  • Zach Patel

    Hi Miss,

    Thanks for letting us know about the place. By any chance, do you have any pictures of the place where you stayed at? And there’s no entrance or environmental fees at Tali Beach, right?

    Thanks in advance. 😊

    • i’m afraid that i didn’t have the time to take pictures of the house that we rented but as per my companions it is worth it.

    • No entrance fee and environmental fees, let the caretaker pick you up at the gate since this is a private residence.

  • aby

    How deep is the water? Is it shallow?

    • for the cliff jumping.. i think it’s around 10 ft or more

  • Joanna Lumabad

    Aside from 5k for accommodation, may bayad pa ba per head? How much? Also, may pool ba sila? 🙂

    • wala pong pool dun s n rent nmin n house.. mejo walking distance din po ung jumping site and beach area

    • mas okay po if my sariling car..

  • Tin

    5000 pesos all in na talaga? no extra charges?

    • all in n po.. cguro good for 7-10 person, it depends kung gano kayo kalakas kumain and if mag iinuman kayo

  • Sounds so scary and exciting!

    • Anonymous

      Is rod fishing allowed?

    • that i’m not sure of..